Vincent Berquez, British (1961-)

Artist's Biography

Vincent Berquez is a Bloomsbury based artist who has been living and working in the area since the 1980s.  He studied at Goldsmith’s College, Camberwell College of Art and the Camden Institute.

He has exhibited in galleries and museums world wide, including the Institute of Art in Chicago, and has won several prestigious competitions such as the Novum Comum ’88 in Como, Italy. He has also worked with the art’s group Eins von Hundert, from Cologne, Germany for many years.

He has been painting with tempera to build his new collection, using acrylic paints as a binder to support the more fragile media of tempera. The tempera gives a great luminosity to the work.

He paints from various experiences in various places including Italy, France & Britain.  He has taken some of the most evocative elements to create paintings full of light and warmth to give a true sense of much cherished memories.  The work could be described as realistic, of real places within the fabric of time and place. 

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