Edgar Hunt, British 1876-1955

Artist's Biography

One of the most accomplished animal painters of his day, Edgar Hunt is particularly famous for his farmyard pictures, painted with meticulous detail and finish.

He was born in Birmingham, son of Charles Hunt the genre painter, who encouraged his son’s talent. As a child Hunt spent much of his time sketching from farm life and was considerably influenced by his brother, Walter Hunt, a skilful animal painter in his own right. By his mid twenties he had made up his mind to devote himself entirely to the depiction of farmyard animals.

He was a great friend and admirer of John Frederick Herring, Junior. When Herring died in 1907, Hunt was inconsolable bereaved and became almost a recluse, rarely leaving his farm in Sussex. 

In his lifetime, he exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists and the Walker Gallery in Liverpool.