George Turner, British 1843-1910

Artist's Biography

This noted Victorian artist was born in Barrow on Trent, Derbyshire, in 1843. He lived for many years at a cottage called “ The Walnuts.”

Turner showed very early promise as an artist and he painted some fine works in his early twenties. He exhibited extensively from c.1860 at the Birmingham Society of Artists and at Suffolk Street Galleries in London. He was a specialist painter of landscapes and he painted views of Scotland, North Wales and the Lake District.

It is his studies of his native Derbyshire for which he is best known. His best work shows a lovely sense of composition and perspective with an exceptional ability to convey the atmosphere of lushness which pervades the countryside at the end of the summer. He had many students ( he was a gifted art master ) and some became famous in their own right i.e. Louis Bosworth Hurt and David Payne.

Turners best work is now eagerly collected and has excellent investment value. He followed a long and successful career as a professional artist. He died in Idrigehay, Derbyshire in 1910 and he is buried in the churchyard there.

Our painting is a very fine example dating from 1894.