Margaret Loxton, British (1938-)

Artist's Biography

Margaret Loxton was born in Middlesex in 1938. She has always felt a deep kinship with fishermen, farmers and vineyard workers. She herself worked on the land for many years before embarking on a full-time painting career in the mid 1970‘s. Her subjects included Cornish fisherfolk and Leicestershire farmers. Regular travels through the Dordogne, Normandy, Brittany, Provence (and other regions of France) have resulted in several series of paintings of local paysan life, full of earthy merriment and sensual felicities – gastronomic, scenic, architectural and delightfully human. There have been two successful books devoted to her paintings, ‘Travels through Burgundy’ (1991) (published by Pavilion Books), and ‘Provence’ (1993), with text by Peter Mayle (published by Sinclair Stevenson).