Roger Lersy, French 1920-

Artist's Biography

Roger Lersy, born in 1920, is twentieth century French painter, lithographer and composer of classical music, he studied at both the School of Applied Arts, Paris, and at the Paris Conservatoire. He held his first exhibition in Paris in 1946. During the following years his art was also exhibited in London, Geneva, Los Angeles, Houston and New York. He has won such awards as the Prix des Amateurs d’Art (1953) and the Prize of the City of Marseille (1955). The artist also illustrated a number of fine art books with his original graphics, such as, Bestiaire (1968) and Multiforms (1977). Lersy’s work can roughly be divided into two periods of artistic experimentation. Before 1960 the artist concentrated mostly upon forms of representational art, particularly still-life and landscape. Afterwards his work shifted to forms of abstract expression. He spent long periods of time in New York between 1961 and 1968.