William Henry Mander, British

Artist's Biography

William Henry Mander was a Birmingham landscape painter who painted views in the Midlands and North Wales in a style similar to the late manner of Benjamin Williams Leader. Indeed he was so taken with North Wales that he moved from the Midlands to Dollgelau in 1899 where he lived for five years before moving to Lincoln.

Shortly after, he moved to Sheffield before returning to his native Birmingham in 1907. 

The prevailing style of Mander’s painting is innovative; and his pictures, seen in isolation, are always impressive. Their effect is achieved by expressing mood through colour, usually of a rich palette, with an almost mystical feel of movement. 

Between 1881 and 1914 he exhibited regularly at the R.B.S.A. one hundred and twenty two works in all, landscapes, rural scenes and river scenes. Titles included Scene near Trefriw, North Wales (1898) and Stepping Stones in the Conway (1899).     

Mander also exhibited seven works at the Royal Cambrian Academy and fourteen at the Royal Hibernian Academy.